Use Your PC Hard Drive For Time Machine Backup

Turn your Windows Computer hard disk into a backup storage or simply install extra hard drive in your PC just for a Time Machine backup.

Use Your PC Hard Drive For Time Machine Backup

Setup Time Machine To Backup On PC Hard Drive Automatically  & Wirelessly

 You can also setup your Mac Time Machine to backup your data automatically to an external hard drive. If you like to backup more than one Mac machine and you have one hard drive installed in your PC then you can setup multiple backups on one hard drive, for example if you’ve 1TB hard drive installed in your PC and you’ve two Mac Machines with 500GB drive each then you can create two 500GB backup disk images and move them into your PC hard drive and designate each backup disk image to your Mac computers in Time Machine Preferences.

You Can Setup Following Types of Storage Disks for Time Machine Backup:

  1. PC Hard Disk
  2. Mac Hard Disk
  3. External Drive
  4. Portable Disk
  5. USB Disk

1. Open Disc Utility and Create New Image

A: Name; Enter Same Name for File and Image (for example: “Time-Machine-Backup”.

B: Size; Select Image Size: Make sure image size is not greater than your backup hard drive, if you get any problem with selecting image size then setup other options first before you setup image size.

C: Format; Mac OS Extended (journaled).

D: Encryptions; 128-bit AES Encryption (recommended).

E: Partitions; Single Partition – Apple Partition Map.

F: Image Format; Sparse Bundle Disk Image.

Use Your PC Hard Drive For Time Machine Backup

2- Open Finder and Eject Mounted Disk Image from Sidebar

3- Connect Mac to PC Over Network

A: Open Finder and Hit Command Key+K.

B: Enter PC IP; “smb://Your PC IP Address”.

C: Login and Open Backup Hard Drive.

For detailed instructions please see another tutorial »

4- Move Disk Image to PC Hard Drive

5- Mount Disk Image by Double Clicking the Image File

6- Open Terminal

A: Type or Paste; “sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/Time-Machine-Backup” and hit enter.

B: Password; Enter User Password.

7- Open Time Machine Preferences and Select Backup Image

At this point Time Machine will start backing up your Mac as far is backup disk image is mounted in Mac file system, and remember you have to manually mount disk image all the times you want to backup your data, unless you willing to take next step to connect and mount automatically your Mac to PC hard drive on network.

8- Connect Mac to PC and Mount Backup Disk Image Automatically on Network

A: Open Automator; Create New App.
B: Grab Following Actions.
C: Get Specified Servers; Add PC IP “smb://Your PC IP Address”.
D: Connect to Servers.
E: Get Specified Finder Items; Add Mounted Image Disk.
F: Open Finder Items; Select Default Application.
G: Save as App.

Use Your PC Hard Drive For Time Machine Backup

9- Open System Preferences and Setup Automator App to Open at Startup

A: Open System Preferences; Click Users & Groups.

B: Click Login Items; Add Mounting Image  Automator App.

Use Your PC Hard Drive For Time Machine Backup

Congratulation! Now Mac will connect and mount to your PC hard drive automatically at startup, if you get any problem or need help you can ask your question in comment box below.